The History of Watch Winders

The Best Automatic Dual Watch Winders

An automatic watch winder Australia is a tool that can automatically charge an automatic watch without you need to use it every time. The watch winder utilizes an automatic watch mechanism that uses the rotating rotor inside to charge. Automatic watches will be automatically wound in the watch winder.

The History of Automatic Watch Winders

The beginning of the watch winder’s presence certainly cannot be separated from the presence of automatic watches. John Harwood as one of the pioneers of automatic watches created the watch winder in the 1920s as a guarantee of the quality of his watches. His watch winder could store up to 12 automatic watches at a time back then.

However, since the penetration of automatic watches was not yet widespread and the emergence of the Great Depression in 1929 devastated the USA’s economy, watch winders only started to rise as important accessories for mechanical watch hobbyists in the 90s. At that time, an automatic watch winder Australia was still a very exclusive accessory. But along with the era’s development, there are already so many affordable automatic watch winders Australia with high quality.

Things to Consider When Choosing Watch Winders

The first thing you need to consider when choosing a watch winder is how the tool rotates. For example, in terms of rotation directions and frequencies. Generally, watch winders have a feature to set the number of rotations measured per day or also known as Turns Per Day (TPD). Most automatic watches can be rotated between 650 TPD to 950 TPD. Given this frequency, if the watch is in a non-functioning position due to running out of power, you are suggested to shake the watch until it moves or tighten the mainspring manually on the crown first.

Moreover, it is highly recommended for you to choose a bidirectional automatic watch winder Australia.

The History of Watch Winders

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