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The Best Automatic Dual Watch Winders

A watch winder automatic is worth considering, especially if you plan to grow your auto watch collection. This tool will keep your auto watch running and functioning when in no use. It mimics the motion of your wrist in order to allow the timepiece to self-lubricate, keeping it ticking. You probably have noticed that there are so many auto watch winders in the market. Each of them has its own pros and cons. If you are looking for dual watch winders, here are some recommendations for you.

The History of Watch Winders

An automatic watch winder Australia is a tool that can automatically charge an automatic watch without you need to use it every time. The watch winder utilizes an automatic watch mechanism that uses the rotating rotor inside to charge. Automatic watches will be automatically wound in the watch winder.


Watch winder box. When Perrelet and Hardwood –the founding fathers of what we know now as “self-winding” watch–thought that mechanical watch system that was used at his time was not too reliable and practical because people had to open their watch case to wind and set it. He then made a new discovery using children’s seesaw as an inspiration for the kinetic energy based design. At that time, he and most people probably thought job is already well done, and time will be kept at its best with no delay, until the quartz mechanism is found or until people decided to own more than one “self-winding” watch

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